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You’ve felt it in your bones. And known it for months, and even years. It's the one thing that is the path that delivers the profit you yearn for, the business you dream of, and the life you simply can't live without.

Because whenever you get up on stage, big or small amazing things happen. People GET you. They see your power. And they buy.

And you know: If you could just find a way to take that next leap, and create your own magnetic LIVE EVENT...

It would be THE turning point that changes everything. And makes you more money in a day than you made all last year.

The problem is … you don't have a clue how to make that happen. And the longer you wait, the more the dream seems to slip away. The more people with less to offer steal away the folks you could be helping.

And its killing you.


    But what if there were a way to:

  • Roll out your own blockbuster event that allows you to create a six (or even seven) figure revenue stream EVERY time you host it?
  • Produce an event that yields these life-changing results without risking your business … or your sanity?
  • And avoid the catastrophic live event mistakes that can completely gut your business?

That's why we created this powerful program. I’ll reveal my most closely held secrets, responsible for my most profitable events. That have filled rooms to overflowing with nearly a thousand attendees.

And filled my bank account with over a million dollars in sales in a single afternoon!

You'll receive these powerful insider keys from me and the incredible folks at Sage Event Management. Together, we’ve been responsible for more seven-figure events in the last few years than just about anyone else in our industry.

If there’s a big time event you’ve heard about, or yearned to attend, chances are either Sage or my company has had a hand in it.



And now we're joining forces to create a powerhouse offering that reveals how you can create your own massive event success!




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AND here's what you get when you join this powerful program:


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Twelve Modules

Over 17 HOURS of our most coveted systems from last year's Ready for the Stage LIVE Event. It set the GOLD STANDARD for showing entrepreneurs how to reap the rewards from their live event. And we're sharing with you the structure and organization to begin planning a small one day to three day conference. We walk through exactly how to plan, implement, and cash in from every event you run... at any size! We've put it in order and made it easy!


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Our Unbelievably Simple Workbook and Handouts

Which breaks down the A-Z of event planning into simple and digestible bite size pieces. Never again will you fret about forgetting something or not knowing where to start. We've put it in order and made it easy.



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3 Powerful Bonus Sessions

These session give you the extra scoop on how to use video, how to capitalize on sponsors, and what software you need to have in-house to make your marketing machine work for you.



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3 Teaching Calls

AND to make this program even more over the top then our event blueprint and 17 hours of training modules we've added in LIVE training calls to make sure that all of your questions are answered so that you can kick off your very own profitable event.



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"I never knew the back end of the budget, how to fill a room, what you want to give to your participants, and how to make money... and this has answered those questions..."

Adele Michal
But we're not stopping there! Because an event training with our name on it had to show you everything! (Even the pivotal keys to big money I've never revealed publicly). So we're taking this training to a level that's never been seen before, by offering:

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Three Event Profit Expert Calls... complete with Q&A!

These three calls are lead by the experts on my team who help create blockbuster results for every event I do. And for the very first time, I'm making them available to you. To help blow the success of every event you produce through the roof!


Here's a secret that will shock you: One of the biggest factors in the success of my largest events is a tool you use every single day: The phone! And I've tapped Cathi Harley, my incredible Call Team Leader to show you how you and your team can use it to insure every available seat at your event is filled!


I was shocked and surprised to discover how many major events in our industry were completely ignoring one of the most amazing event cash conduits: Sponsorship! So our very own "Sage of Sponsorship" Paige Stapleton will not only reveal how sponsorship have completely transformed the success of our events. But created unprecedented satisfaction for our event attendees and life-changing opportunities for our sponsors.

And after our 2nd expert call, you'll know how to reap the rewards for your own events!


Did you know the biggest hidden source of event profits most folks miss is what happens AFTER the event? Yep, with all the excitement about back-of-the-room sales and creating a "table rush", ignoring your follow-up is like flushing away a fortune.

And I'm thrilled to have follow-up master Brian Stark reveal specific follow-up steps that unleash a torrent of sales! Before he joined my team, Brian's masterful follow-up was responsible for well over six figures in revenue in his own business. And his foolproof follow-up systems will open your eyes to just how much is in it for you.

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We've even added three powerful OPEN Q+A SESSIONS where you can ask me any question to obliterate ALL obstacles to your own event!

Whether its a problem you are wrestling with, a powerful idea from the course, or the specifics on an upcoming event, we'll work through it together. So you can experience the massive event paydays that are waiting for you right now!

These three calls alone are an amazing value, giving you direct access to my multi-million dollar live event track record. But its just a part of what you will receive with your Ready for the Stage: The Profitable Event Blueprint Package!

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To make sure you have the individual guidance to create your Big Event Breakthrough... you'll receive a PRIVATE SESSION with one of my Six-Figure Coaches!

Before they joined my company, they built their own six-figure businesses (in as little as 9 months!) And they will bring that wealth of experience and success to your private Big Event Breakthrough Session. To get you moving down the road to your own incredible event!


"There was so much information given that anybody that any level in there business is just walking out with gold in their hands."

Cheryl Vinny
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It's the unprecedented roster of EVERYTHING you need to transform your event into a turning point that positions you as an authority and market leader. AND fills your pockets with profits.


"The information is so comprehensive and so complete..."

Deborah Zupancic

But we're not stopping there! To make Ready for the Stage: The Profitable Event Blueprint the key that creates the events that change everything, you receive powerful support that makes your success a foregone conclusion:

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Added Welcome Kit and Gifts for Your Success!

These are the latest, cutting edge event profit avenues I've applied to my most recent events. We've kept them in house, under lock and key. But all that changes when you receive these powerful weekly supplements as part of Ready for the Stage!



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Our Ready for the Stage Profit Portal

Rest assured this amazing parade of content will be at your fingertips, any time you want inside our Ready for the Stage Profit Portal. Whether its the recordings of our live sessions. Or the Ready for the Stage Video Content and Handouts.

We will make it available week by week. Focused. Targeted. So you are never overwhelmed.



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Our Ready for the Stage Private Facebook Group

When you are planning and carrying out your next event, support is crucial. That's why I'm thrilled about our Ready for the Stage Private FB Group. The shared knowledge and experience of others enrolled in the course is amazing. And it will all be there to support you. To help you move through challenges. To support you in the certainty that … Yes! You CAN do this!

But I knew there was one more amazing benefit I could add that would complete this experience. And make Ready for the Stage: The Profitable Event Blueprint not only memorable. But an opportunity that would change your life forever.

So we added a LIVE EVENT as part of the package!

Be The Change 2016


"It is so content rich and yet it's organized in a way that we can easily understand it."

Diana Needham
So here you are: At the doorstep of your dream

You've known forever that if someone would just show you the way to take the leap to create your own live event, everything would change. Well no someone has...

So to sum it all up... Here's what you get:


Every segment and second of this course has been custom designed to deliver nothing less than the success you’ve dreamed of.

But the thing is … nothing is going to change unless you take the leap. Next year will be the same as this year unless you allow me to show you the way. You will still be struggling unless you open the door and let my team of experts, my six-figure coaches and my unparalleled storehouse of profitable event experience go to work for you.

And that first step to making the dream real is just one click a way.

I can't wait to work with you inside Ready for the Stage: The Profitable Event Blueprint. And I know the secrets that have changed my life … will change yours as well.

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